The project is conducted with five components which are 1) field survey, 2) construction of school building including workshops prior to the construction, 3) community development activities (Soft-Project), 4) agricultural development and extension (ADE), and 5) follow-up of the Community Development Project at the communities EPD projects was implemented.

In addition, Saetanar occasionally support schools in order to cater for the urgent needs of repair etc. for the school buildings which is not targeted in the framework of EPD. Both the betterment of physical environment of education and the empowerment of local communities are envisaged to be achieved through this scheme (Mini-Project).

During the period of five-year of “Phase I , 2002 – 2007”, a total of 102 schools (57 schools in Southern Shan and 45 schools in Northern Shan) has been supported to construct a new school building by the EPD Project.
During the period of “Phase II, 2008 – 2012”, as of January 2011, a total of 48 school buildings (28 in Southern Shan and 20 in Northern Shan) were constructed by the support of the EPD 2007, 2008 and 2009 Projects and each 10 schools in Northern and Southern Shan (in total 20) are under construction by the support of the EPD 2010Project. Another 20 schools will be supported by the EPD 2011 Project by the end of “Phase II”

Further, by the request of the Minister of Na Ta La, Saetanar exceptionally started limited school construction project in Maubin and Nyaung Tone Townships, Ayeyarwaddy Division (Delta area) to built 3 schools which had severe damages by the cyclone Nargis since the beginning of April 2009.