Mini Project

Saetanar applies the Mini-Project scheme in the EPD operational area in order to cater for the urgent needs concerning the buildings of the schools not targeted in the framework of the EPD project.

The target school is selected from proposals raised by local communities or other organizations such as Na Ta La and Township Education Office.

In this case, Saetanar will identify such needs as renovation/extension of the existing buildings or construction of small-size (60ft. long maximum) school buildings. In order to the schools to be selected as a target of Mini-project, their local communities must make contributions in cash, kind, labour and/or service proportionate to their ability to do so.

Although the EPD Project contains the Community Development Project (Soft Project) for income generation activities after the construction of school building, the Soft Project is not implemented to the Mini-Project.

* Budgets for one school are USD7,000