Project Outline


“Many boarder areas in Myanmar where some national races live are in remote areas and controlled by antigovernment forces over many years, so compared to urban areas, the development has been late.

Although the compromise of government and antigovernment forces is accelerated recently and the social development in such areas began to start, the current situation is that many children who could not get opportunities for basic education because of infrastructure shortage and poverty in severely hit economic situation in such areas.

In the project of Saetanar, for the rural development of Shan State that are one of the frontier regions where the government and the support of the private organization had not been held out enough up to now, the school construction and the farm village development project are executed by the method of “”Residents participation”" that the local populace plays a center role.

We aim to give opportunities for education to children carrying the future, and to stabilize the frontier region socially and to contribute to the base for the future Myanmar development. ”

Purpose of Project

Construction of school building in boarder areas in Myanmar (new building, renovation, extension)
For Community Development in villages where new school building is constructed, income generating activities are carried out for sustainable operation of the school
To assist the children from the poor families for getting better opportunities of good education, the improvement of the livelihood of the local community by Agriculture Development and Extension
»» Through above activities, Saetanar practices stability and community development of the regional society.

Project Period

During the period of the five-year of “Phase I (2002 -2007)”, a total of 102 schools had been constructed and Community Developement Project is being implemented. During Phase II, it is envisaged to develop the project in another 100 communities by 2012.

Project Area

Southern Shan and Northern Shan