About Saetanar

Saetanar is a Non-Governmental Organization that works in cooperation with the Ministry for Progress of Border Areas and National Races and Development Affairs “Present the Ministry of Border Affairs” (Na Ta La) to carry out ‘community development through school building construction’ using funds from The Nippon Foundation.The name Saetanar is derived from a Myanmar word meaning ‘ good will’ or ‘thoughtfulness’.


Where We Work

The project covers whole Shan State (Northern, Eastern and Southern Shan). The specific target areas are identified through the mutual agreement with Na Ta La and capability of Saetanar. At the present time, Saetanar covers only Southern Shan and Northern Shan based on Taunggyi Office and Lashio Office respectively. Eastern Shan is under planning of the commencement of the operation based at Kengtong.



The project is conducted with five components which are 1) field survey, 2) construction of school building including workshops prior to the construction, 3) community development activities (Soft-Project), 4) agricultural development and extension (ADE), and 5) follow-up of the Community Development Project at the communities EPD projects was implemented.