Staff Introduction

Lashio Office

Tin Lay (Executive Director)


I joined Saetanar in October 2003. I enjoyed working together with Saetanar Staff. I am now 81 years old. I am still youngat heart in spite of age and willing to continue working for Saetanar. May the Nippon Foundation ( Saetanar ) continue to assist MyanmarPeople for the present and the future.

U Moe Ko Ko (Assistant Field Officer / Driver)


Wishing to all “ Mingalarbar ” . My name is U Moe Ko Ko. I work as driver in Saetanar Lashio Office of Northern Shan State since 1st January 2011. As my service is more than 7 years and I am happy to know and understanding that Saetanar is working with the purpose to improve children education through school building construction and community people development by income generation. I will improve and work hard continuously in Saetanar.

Nang Lao Kham (Assistant Administration Officer)


My name is Nang Lao Kham. I joined Saetanar since August 2012 as Assistant Adminstration Officer. I am very proud to be one of the Saetanar Staff. Saetanar is implementing not only school building construction to improve village children’s education in remote area but also through income generation activities, local people living is improved by community development project. I have gained much experience and I am very happy to be participating of the organization in project implementation.

U Than Myint (Field Officer)


Mingalarbar – My name is U Than Myint. I am working at Lashio Saetanar Office since may, 2013. Saetanar had constructed new school buildings, repaired old school buildings and contributed Community Development Fund to the local community to improve the education environment, which I believe is a very noble job. As a Saetanar staff I help to improve the education of the local people, So I am very glad to work as a Saetanar staff.

Nang Hla Yin (Assistant Field Officer)


My name is Nan Hla Yin. I am working as Assistant Administration Officer in Saetanar Lashio Office for more than 3 years. I am very happy and proud to work together with the local people, school building construction and income generation activities, discussion, developing plan for project implementation.

Taunggyi Office

Aye Aye Thant (Project Division Director)


I am willing to contribute as able as I can in EPD Project of Saetanar implementing for Community Development for our rural people both the present and the future.

Nang Win Win cho (Administration Officer)


In Myanmar tradition, First and foremost I want to say “Mingalarbar” to all. My name is Nang Win Win Cho. I am working at Saetanar Taunggyi Office for 8 years. Saetanar Project‘s is very much supporting to area development work in our area. Community people including me born in the village are very much thankful to Saetanar supporting as for development activities. I, with little competency, am very happy to be part of Saetanar.

Kun Thein Maung (Assistant Field Officer/Driver)


I am U Khun Thein Maung. I live in Taunggyi Township of Southern Shan State. I am serving

Assistant Field officer and driver in Saetanar  Taunggyi Office since 2003.  Very much thanks to Saetanar for having opportunity to visit different areas, gain much experience, meeting and collaborating with local people, etc.

Khun Than Win Oo (Assistant Field Officer/Driver)


My name is U Khun Than Win Oo living in Taunggyi of Southern Shan State. I work as Assistnt Field officer in Saetanar for nearly 7 years. I am very much happy to work as Saetanar Staff.

Khun Ye Naung (Field Officer)


I am Khun Ye Naung and working in Saetanar Taunggyi office as Field Officer for 5 years. I am very proud to be participating in Saetanar, organization implementing development work in collaboration with and support from The Nippon Foundation. I will continue to participate for implementing in our area development work in future.

U Khuah Hrang (Assistant Field Officer/Argiculture)


My name is U Khuah Hrang. I have jointed to Saetanar Taunggyi Office on 1st July 2014 as Assistant Field Officer (Agriculture Specialist). I have worked in Myanmar Agriculture Department for over 30 years. I retired as Deputy Director of Agriculture in Lashio, Northern Shan State. I am so glad to be part of Saetanar team.

Khun Nay Aung (Assistant Field Officer)


“Mingalarbar” , I am Khun Nay Aung, work as Assistant Field officer in Saetanar since 4 March April 2014. I am very much happy to be part of area development program developing in our country, Myanmar. I am also very much thanks to The Nippon Foundation which support fund to Saetanar for implementing the activities of development project. I will do my best in future year to implement development project.

Yangon Office

Naoko WADA(Auditor)


'I joined Saetanar in 2005. Since the time, I am surrounded by wonderful people and enjoying my work. Myanmar is changing, but I think that there are still many things to do. I would like to continue my efforts as much as possible.'

Su Htwe Myint (Administration Director)


I feel that responsibility is very important for all our employees. Being a staff of this organization, my responsibilities are to perform my duties well enough. My long-term goal is to keep on growing with this organization which gives me opportunity to continue learning so that I would be able to assume additional responsibilities.I am determined to enhance my skills and contribute more to community development. I’ve been working with Saetanar organization for 15 years already. Saetanar is my second family and I am devoted to Seatanar’s community work.

Ma Cho (Cleaner)


I had started working at Saetanar in 2005. I am very happy because I had a chance to work at Saetanar which is supporting Schools for Myanmar Education Development as like as the name (Saetanar means “Goodwill”, “Thoughtfulness” in Myanmar Language).

Su Nandar Win (Assistant Admin Officer)


I am Su Nandar Win, Assistant Administration officer of Yangon Office. I joined Saetanar on August 1, 2013. I am proud to be a member of Saetanar as I can serve the needy people through complementing the essentials of EPD projects. It’s my pleasure and grateful to Saetanar for giving me a chance to contribute in my interest of humanitarian development activities.

Saw Tin Maung Tun (Driver)


I am Saw Tin Maung Tun and work as driver at Saetanar Yangon Office. Saetanar has implementing school building construction and other income generating activities which are collaborating with community people from remote areas.