Voice For Villagers

Our Phaung Pyar village is located to Ale Chaung village tract, Yat Sauk Township where Danu tribes; Buddhists are living mainly. The new school building (60x30ft) size of Phaung Pyar BEPS was constructed with the cooperation of the labor and fund from local communities, supported by The Nippon Foundation and Saetanar from June 2010. Nowadays, the children of local communities who are a national treasure have become to be able to study comfortably.

In addition, Saetanar converted the labor and fund from the local communities to the respectable amount of Cash and pay that amount back to Local communities for implementing the community development project as Community Development Fund. So we are carrying out the small scale hydroelectric power project, so it reached the point that we can pass the night comfortably with the lamp of electricity currently in the whole village of Phaung Pyar and we can support the employment of the teachers and the cost of the school maintenance with the income (110000MMK) by renting the electricity to each household per one month (1000MMK).