First Handover Ceremonies in Kayah State

March 21, 2019

EPD project was initiated in Kayah State starting from the project year 2018 with two new schools. One school building was constructed in Pein Chit BEMS (Branch), Loikaw Township and another school building was constructed in Ngwe Taung BEHS (Branch), Demoso Township during EPD Project year 2018. The handing over ceremonies of these two school buildings were conducted on 21st March, 2019.

          Kayah State Chief Minister U L Phaung Sho, Chairman of Kayah State Hluttaw, Chief Justice of Kayah State, Kayah State Auditor General, Distinguished Guests, Executive Director of the Nippon Foundation, Mr. Yuji Mori and Nippon Foundation staff, Saetanar staff, Kayah State/District/Township Departmental Officials, School Committee members, national ethic brothers and sisters were present at the ceremony.

          Kayah State Chief Minister delivered the opening speech in which he expressed his appreciation for the timely completion of the construction of the two school buildings and handing over of these two school buildings to the Education Department due to the concerted effort of Ministry of Border Affairs, Kayah State Government, Progress of Border Areas and National Races Department, the Nippon Foundation, School Committee members, Teachers, Parents and Departmental Officials.

          In conclusion the Chief Minister requested the teachers and parents to maintain and carry out renovation works whenever necessary. The students must also treat their school buildings with care and respect. He also gave his guidance to the students to study peacefully and become worthy citizens of Myanmar and Kayah State.

          Saetanar plan to construct 5 school buildings in Kayah State in the coming EPD Project Year 2019.


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