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Survey for the selection of the target school of the EPD Project
1.      The ministry of border affairs in cooperation with the Township Education Office selects appropriate numbers of candidate schools to be supported by the EPD Project, usually 3 candidates from each Township.
2.      Saetanar selects target schools through the survey by visiting each candidate school and hold meetings with community people. In the beginning, the existence of the School Building Construction Committee is confirmed. If it is not established, the community is requested to establish the Committee. Then a meeting with the Committee, teachers of the school and community people is held.
3.      At the meeting, Saetanar presents them the principle of activities and the scheme of the EPD Project enhancing that the community’s aggressive participation in the project and construction of the foundation of the school building under Saetanar’s specifications which is based on the specification of the Department of Basic Education in Myanmar. The construction of the foundation is one of their contributions to the project and it is indispensable to be selected for the target of the EPD Project.
4.      After the survey of each candidate, Saetanar assesses the detail plan for the school building construction, estimated construction expenses, needs to build a new school building, the expected contribution of the community for the Project, consequences of the EPD Project to the community and surrounded communities, etc.
5.      Based on the assessment results, Saetanar selects target schools for EPD Project and it is decided finally through the consultation with The Nippon Foundation and NATALA.  
1.      When the target schools have been decided, Saetanar start the Construction Workshop at each target school mainly with the members of the School Construction Committee. The Workshops are usually held two to three times before starting the construction. During that time, the Committee shall establish the School-building Construction Funds. Through the Workshops, many things are discussed and confirmed, such as the size of the school building, materials for framework, walls, roofing, ceiling, the size of latrines and septic tank, size of the rainwater tank, numbers of necessary desks and chairs for students and teachers, numbers of blackboard, etc.
2.      The Committee contracts with the carpenter (master builder) who is appointed by them.
3.      After all the issues become clear, the construction is started and Saetanar visit each construction site periodically for the inspection and to disburse money to the Committee for the School-building Construction Funds in cash. The funds shall be partially disbursed based upon the construction schedule and/or the progress of construction.
The construction period is normally for 4 – 5 months depending on weather and regional condition and as soon as the construction process is completed, the newly built school building shall be handed over to the Township Education Office.

School Building Construction

School Building Construction: Projects
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