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What is Saetanar?

Saetanar is a Non-Government Organization working with the Nippon Foundation in cooperation with the Ministry of Border Affairs (Na Ta La) to implement Community Development through School Building Construction.
“Towards Community Development through School Building Construction”
The name Saetanar is derived from a Myanmar word meaning ‘goodwill’ or ‘thoughtfulness’. 
Saetanar has been working to promote rural development through school building construction and improvement of school facilities based on the principle that a sustained basic education is indispensable for the progress of a community. Furthermore, Saetanar is actively involved in projects to secure income that would support a continuous school operation and improve local people’s lives.

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Project Outline

Many border areas in Myanmar where some national races live are remote areas where the development progress is much later compared to urban areas. Many children still cannot get opportunities for basic education because of infrastructure shortage and poverty in severely hit economic situations in such areas.

In the project of Saetanar mainly focused on the rural development of Shan and Kayah States, the school construction and the farm village development projects are executed by the method of ”Residents participation” that the local populace plays a center role.

We aim to give opportunities for education to children carrying the future, to stabilize the frontier region socially and to contribute to the base for the future Myanmar development.

The project is conducted with the six components which are

  • Field Survey

  • School Building Construction

  • School Renovation (Mini Project)

  • Community development activities (Soft Project)

  • Agricultural development and extension (ADE)

  • Follow-up of the Community Development Project

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Apart from the charts shown here, by the request of the Minister of Na Ta La, Saetanar exceptionally started a limited school construction project in Maubin and Nyaung Tone Townships of Ayeyarwaddy Division (Delta area) and built 3 schools which had severely damaged by the cyclone Nargis in April 2009.

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