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What is Saetanar?

Saetanar is a Non-Governmental Organization (NGO) collaborating with the Nippon Foundation and working in partnership with the Ministry of Border Affairs (Na Ta La) to drive Community Development through School Building Construction.

Our mission, encapsulated in the motto "Towards Community Development through School Building Construction," is guided by the name Saetanar, which originates from the Myanmar word connoting 'goodwill' or 'thoughtfulness'.

Saetanar has been working to promote rural development through school building construction and improvement of school facilities based on the principle that a sustained basic education is indispensable for the progresss of a community. Furthermore, Saetanar is actively involved in projects to secure income that would support a continuous school operation and improve local people's lives.

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Project Outline

In many remote border areas of Myanmar, where various national races reside, development progress has significantly lagged behind urban regions. Unfortunately, numerous children in these areas continue to face limited access to basic education due to inadequate infrastructure and the prevalence of poverty, exacerbated by economic challenges.

The Saetanar's EPD project primarily focuses on promoting rural development in Shan and Kayah States. This initiative includes the construction of schools and the development of farming villages, all centered around a crucial approach: "Resident Participation." This strategy places the local populace at the forefront, ensuring their active involvement in project execution.

Our overarching objectives encompass providing educational opportunities for the children who represent our future, fostering social stability in the frontier region, and laying the groundwork for Myanmar's future development.

The project operates through six key components:

  1. Field Survey: Comprehensive assessments are conducted to understand the unique needs and challenges of each community.

  2. School Building Construction: The construction of schools is a vital step in enhancing educational accessibility for local children.

  3. School Renovation (Mini Project): We also undertake school renovation projects to improve existing educational facilities.

  4. Community Development Activities (Soft Project): Various community-oriented initiatives are implemented to address broader societal needs beyond education.

  5. Agricultural Development and Extension (ADE): This component focuses on boosting agricultural practices and extending relevant knowledge to local farmers.

  6. Follow-up of the Community Development Project: We maintain ongoing engagement to ensure the sustained success and impact of our community development efforts.


Through these comprehensive actions, the Saetanar project aspires to create lasting positive change in Myanmar's border regions, ultimately contributing to the nation's future prosperity and development.

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Apart from the charts shown here, by the request of the Minister of Na Ta La, Saetanar exceptionally started a limited school construction project in Maubin and Nyaung Tone Townships of Ayeyarwaddy Division (Delta area) and built 3 schools which had severely damaged by the cyclone Nargis in April 2009.

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